Since 1994,we have been engaged in reserch and development of the gasoline engine.In recent few years,we mainly produce products that the displacement is less than 100cc.

At present,there are more than 100 kinds of products,such as brush cutters,sprayers,water pump,hedge trimmer,lawnmowers etc.The annual production capacity is one million sets.

We own development center and experimental base and have a powerful reserch and development professionals.

Following the rules of success trough quality,and with collection of domestic and external quality resources,we always try our best to make the cusomers satisfied. By now,products are popular in the international market due to the better performances and competitive price.More than 80% products are exported to the overseas markets,such as Europe,Latin America,Africa,Southeast Asia,Russia,Middle east etc..

We warmly welcome clients all over the world to visit our factory for common development.

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